Corky Kell Tickets

The process for purchasing and receiving your tickets is as follows:

  1. Purchase your tickets from the BBA at this link:
    1. The email and cell phone provided in this form must match the same values in your Mercedes-Benz Stadium App / Ticketmaster account.
    2. The transaction is not complete until payment is made.  Once complete, payment confirmation will be sent via email.
  2. Once per week the BBA will send purchaser email addresses, cell phone numbers and ticket quantities to the BHS Ticketmaster representative.  Any mistake in email or cell phone number could result in your tickets not being delivered.
    1. All tickets will be delivered to the one email address provided in the ticket request form.
    2. Tickets can take up to 1 week to appear in your Mercedes-Benz Stadium App after purchase.
  3. Download the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Mobile Application on your smartphone
    1. iOS -
    2. Android - 
  4. Check your Inbox, Junk Mail, Spam, Clutter, etc folders for an email from Mercedes-Benz Stadium .
    1. You must click the Accept button in the email before the tickets will appear in your MB App.
    2. Click here to see a sample email.
  5. Login to the Mercedes-Benz App via
    1. Your existing Mercedes-Benz Stadium account, or …
    2. Your existing Ticketmaster account, or …
    3. Sign up for a new account at the bottom of the login screen.  Look for “New to Ticketmaster? Sign Up”
    4. Regardless of how you login, the login email address must match the email address you used in the ticket order form.
  6. Wait for 2 business days, then confirm that your tickets appear in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium App. 
    1. Confirm your tickets no later than Thursday, August 18th.
    2. Do not wait until the day of the event to confirm your purchase.
  7. When you arrive at the stadium gate for entry, open the Mercedes-Benz Stadium App and present your tickets for your party's entry.

Sales end on Tuesday, August 16th at noon.

Questions? Email

Transferring Your Corky Kell Tickets

Please follow these instructions for transferring your Corky Kell tickets.

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