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Marching Band afterschool rehearsal (Today at 3:00 PM)

Interested in auditioning for District/All State Band? (Tomorrow)
Please give Dr. Stanley a check made out to BBA for $25 to cover your audition fee. We will send $20 to the state and $5 to the District to cover your expenses. You can find the audition requirements on www.gmea.org, click on Band, Click on All State and follow your grade level. The first round of auditions will take place at Norcross High School on December 10, 2016 and the second round is January 7, 2017. Times will be announced two weeks in advance!

Marching Band afterschool rehearsal (This Thursday at 3:00 PM)

NO GAME! (This Friday)

Drumline and Guard afterschool rehearsal (Oct 3 at 2:30 PM)
Drumline and Guard afterschool rehearsal


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