Brookwood Band Candidates for Georgia All-State Band

Congratulations are in order for the following 20 Brookwood students, all of whom are advancing to January's second-round audition for the Georgia All-State Band.

Kenny Bader, Oboe

Busola Banjoh, Bass Clarinet

Andrew Barber, Bass Clarinet

Kevin Choi, Clarinet

Jeremy Cover, Trombone

Hilary Hsieh, Flute

Abi Ivemeyer, Clarinet

Michelle Kung, Flute

Watson Martin, Euphonium

Henry McMahon-Owen, Tenor Saxophone

Collett Owens, Trumpet

Karl Patram, Trombone

Sean Reid, Alto Saxophone

Luke Rosetti, Trumpet

Sarah Sewell, Alto Saxophone

Bryanna Shury, Tenor Saxophone

Julie Tritt, Flute

Christina Xu, Flute

Jessica Yeagle, Oboe

Susan Zhang, Bassoon


UGA JanFest Participants

The following Brookwood Band students were chosen to attend the University of Georgia JanFest January 22-25.  These students will spend the weekend rehearsing and performing with other students from all over the Southeast. 

Please congratulate them when you see them! 

 Jeremy Cover, Trombone

 Kenny Bader, Oboe

 Watson Martin, Euphonium

 Karl Patram, Trombone

 Cameron Gwynn, Trumpet

 Christian Reynolds, Trumpet

 Julie Tritt, Flute

 Julianna Lescota, Flute

 Daniel Rogers, Percussion

 Savannah St. Germain, Bassoon

 Kaitlyn Samela, Bass Clarinet

 Ansley Folds, Clarinet


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Upcoming Events

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Second Round All State Auditions at Houston County High School (Jan 10)

UGA Janfest (Jan 22 at Midnight)

Maroon and Gold Band GRADED Rehearsal (Feb 9 at 2:30 PM)

Rookie Camp (Feb 10 at 5:30 PM)

Symphonic Band GRADED Rehearsal (Feb 11 at 2:30 PM)


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