Brookwood Band Financial Policy

Brookwood Band Association, Inc. Financial Policy

(Adopted 5-7-2009)

General Information

The Brookwood Band Association, Inc. (BBA) exists to support the band directors of Brookwood High School in achieving excellence for all facets of the band program. This program includes the Bronco Marching Band, the Concert bands, Color Guard, and the Jazz program. Funds from Gwinnett County Public Schools are limited and are not adequate to support the full program of excellence for which Brookwood High School is known.Each student is responsible for only one program fee:  Marching Band, Color Guard only, Concert Only, or Jazz Only.  Uniform costs are separate.  Each year as part of the budgeting process, BBA will determine the program fees applicable to each type of student, as well as sibling discounts.  Fees and payment schedules (See Payments from Students and Their Families below for payment schedule information) will be posted on the BBA website as soon as they are finalized.  Uniform fees will be determined based on the cost of the particular uniform (Color Guard, Concert uniform, or Jazz Band uniform). The BBA fiscal year begins June 1 each year. Every year, a budget committee of BBA develops a budget for the next fiscal year for the approval of BBA membership. This budgeting process is provided for in BBA’s bylaws. The budget includes an estimate of expenditures by category, as well as a plan for raising the funds required to support the budget. Generally, funds to support the budget will come from two sources: student band fees and fundraising income. Gifts and funds from other sources, including corporate sponsors, are also encouraged.

Other Costs

It may be necessary for participants in the band program to bear an individual expense for enrichment activities in addition to those necessary to fund the BBA’s budget. These costs include, but are not limited to, audition fees, clinic band fees, and trips (see band trip cost). Additionally, for students entering the program for the first time, these costs may include, but are not limited to, expenses for garment bags, sports bags, and band shoes.

Band Trip Costs

Occasionally the Band Program schedules a major OPTIONAL trip.  In other years the marching band normally schedules an overnight MANDATORY trip to a performance competition.  The costs of these trips are in addition to normal band fees. To determine the cost per student of an anticipated trip, a committee of the Executive Board shall develop a trip budget in conjunction with the Directors. The budget is then presented to the Executive Board for approval. The committee estimates the total cost of the trip, including chaperones and staff. This total amount shall be divided by the number of students participating in the trip to arrive at a per-student cost. The anticipated trip expenses are provided to students and parents in advance of the trip.  All participating students must pay for the trip by the required due date.  Transportation, meals, and housing will be provided only for those students who have paid for the trip.

Fund-Raising - General

Additional funds beyond student fees are required to complete the funding of the budget. These include on-going fundraisers such as concession stands and the Taste of Brookwood.  All parents and students are expected to participate in order to minimize the burden on each participant. Specifically, each band student is expected to purchase or sell a minimum of five Taste of Brookwood tickets in order to support the band program. Amounts raised through these fundraisers will be used to fund the general budget to the benefit of all program participants.

Payments from Students and their Families

It is Brookwood Band Association’s intent that no student be denied participation in the band program because of an inability to pay program fees. A family who is unable to make the payments may contact the Treasurer or President in confidence.  BBA will make every effort to work with the family to restructure the payment and to arrange for participation in additional fund-raising activities in lieu of the payment. It is expected that students and their families will participate in fundraisers to the best of their ability.

In order for the band directors to prepare adequately for each year’s show, a letter of intent is required from all returning students and rising 9th graders. This letter indicates that the student intends to participate in marching, concert and/or jazz bands. You may complete the letter of intent on-line and submit with payment when completed.  Specific due dates will be posted at the BBA website well in advance of those dates.  General timeframes are as follows:

Late March

Marching Band/Color Guard (non-refundable) (holds a spot at band camp)

Late March

Concert Band only/Concert Band only Sibling

Late March

Jazz Band/Music Technology only

Note: Student fees must be paid, or arrangements must be made with the Treasurer, before a student attends band camp. Band Camp is a requirement for all Marching Band / Color Guard students.

The following stipulations apply to students who join the band program after the fiscal year has begun (June 1):

  1. The fee for a new student attending band camp and who is a member of the marching band is full marching band fees, which may be paid in a lump sum or by paying an amount equal to the marching band deposit before band camp and the remainder in three equal monthly installments. New students are those who move into the Brookwood High School District during the summer. Incoming 9th grade students are not considered new students for the purpose of this policy.
  2. The fee for a new student entering after band camp and who is a member of the marching band is equal to the marching band final payment amount. This payment may be made in three consecutive, monthly installments with the first payment due the month that the student enters the program.
  3. The fee for a new student entering the program after November 15th (the end of the marching season) shall be equal to the concert only fee and is due by December 31. 


A non-refundable uniform usage fee of $40.00 is payable when marching uniforms are issued prior to band camp for the purpose of repair, maintenance and upkeep of the uniforms. This fee is paid at the beginning of a student’s participation in the program.  Uniforms are to be returned at the end of each marching season, dry-cleaned and in the cleaner’s bag. Students are responsible for the replacement of damaged uniform parts due to negligence and improper care.  Appropriate fees will be assessed for damages.


Students and parents may solicit sponsorships from local businesses, civic organizations, churches, or individuals at any time during the year. A For details see

Returned Check Charges

A $10 NSF (non-sufficient funds) charge will be assessed on all returned checks.


Because plans are made well in advance of payments, it may be difficult to make last minute refunds or cancellations. Refunds for any band activity will be made on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be made in writing to the BBA President or Treasurer.


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