Brookwood High School

Brookwood High School

Snellville, Georgia

Brookwood's History

When Brookwood High School first opened its doors in 1981, the administration and faculty had two primary goals: first, to forge a community where none had previously existed and second, to create a school where excellence was the expectation in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. Thirty years later, Brookwood has attained both of those goals. The Brookwood community is a strong and vital one, made up of citizens who value education and family life. Brookwood High and its cluster schools are often at the center of activities for this community. In turn, the community has provided strong support for all school programs.

Brookwood is a school that values excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. Our record in student achievement is outstanding with standardized test scores that consistently rank near the top of metro Atlanta schools. Our students go to college at the rate of 85% or better each year. The Brookwood athletic program has set the standard for Gwinnett County and Georgia. Our strong parental and community support has provided us with some of the best athletic facilities in the state. Other extracurricular and co-curricular programs are equally strong. We have award-winning programs in fine arts, performing arts, debate, broadcasting and journalism.

Brookwood's Symbols

School Origin
Plans for the school were started in 1977 to help relieve overcrowding of South Gwinnett and Parkview. A committee of educators from across the county were pulled together to create specifications for the facility. The school opened in 1981 under the leadership of principal Emmett Lawson.

Brookwood, The Name
The school was named for the intersection of Hollybrook Drive and Dogwood Road, where the school is located.

Broncos, The Mascot
The mascot was selected by a committee of students. Bronco is derived from Spanish “broncho,” meaning tough. American Indians valued the free roaming wild broncos and ownership was a source of prestige and power. Various sketches of broncos were considered before students chose the final pose. The runner-up for the mascot was bears.

School Colors - Maroon and Gold
Brookwood’s colors were chosen by students. The runner-up was Carolina blue.

School Alma Mater
The lyrics were written by teacher Lori Ziecker and combined with the music of “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”, a Navy hymn.

School Motto
The original motto was “Establishing a tradition of excellence.” This evolved into the current motto “A tradition of excellence.”

School Crest
The four symbols in the crest stand for the “key to knowledge, communities that came together to form Brookwood, fine arts, and extracurricular activities.”

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